Anvil Brands / Manufacturers

Very much an always work in process list of anvils and their manufacturers. 

If you see a missing Brand, trademark, or manufacturer, or if something on this page is incorrect please contact me to let me know.

Trenton Anvil with Multiple Trademarks

Ferndale CA Blacksmith Shop Anvil

Ferndale CA

Holey Anvil

Hay Budden Anvil

Pioneer Farms Austin Texas



Trademark (Link to Waters Ironworks pages)

Still Produced Start / End Country Original Manufacturer (Link to company or distributor) Examples Notes / Source
????eson & Sons – Stourbridge No   English     Anvils In America
A T C, USA No   USA Trenton    
A. P. Tool Co.     USA      
Acciaio Yes   China Vevor    


(HB, Trenton)

No   USA Hay Budden, Trenton   Sears, Roebuck & Company trademark
Across the Anvil East No   USA Probably did not produce anvils.  

Steve Bloom (dec. Jan 11 2015) Freehold NJ – Listed in AIA but I’ve found no evidence he made anvils.

Ajax No   USA Trenton    
Alamo No   USA Alamo    
Alldays & Onion No   English Alldays & Onion   Wikipedia
American Ross No   USA Probably did not produce anvils.   Referenced in AIA on pg 392 & Foxfire 5 on page 174.  

I have not found supporting evidence this is a real manufacturer.

Perhaps a misunderstanding with American Wrought.

American Scale CO. No   USA      
American Wrought No   USA American Wrought Anvil Company    
American Wrought, Horse Shoe Brand No   USA Hay Budden Montgomery Ward catalog (1895)  
Anvil Brand Yes   USA Anvil Brand    
Ardenne’s  No   France      
Arm & Hammer No   USA      
Aslop No   English      
Atlas Anvil No   USA      
Attwood No   English      
B. I. C. Omaha No   USA Hay Budden    
Badger No   USA      
Baker No   USA ??? AIA pg392 – Maybe Boker  
Barnhart [William]  No   USA      
Bay State No   USA ??? Simmons Hardware Catalog 1930  
Belknap No   USA      
Big Blu No   USA      
Bird No   English      
Black Jack No   USA   Sold by Shapleigh Hardware Co.  
Black Prince Yes   USA Trenton    
Booth & Co., Boyd Mill No   English      
Bower, Bristoe No   English      
Branco No   Czech Republic      
Brooks No   England     Formally Vaughans
Brooks, England No   English      
Bruce Daniels No   USA      
BSL Yes   Australia BSL    
Buel Patent No   USA Trenton    
Buffalo Forge No   USA      
Bullock No   USA      
Byrd No   English      
California Electric Steel No   USA      
Carey, Best Scrap No   English      
Centaur Forge (Kohlswa) No   USA      
CFI No   USA Trenton    
Champion No   USA      
Cliff Carrol Yes   USA Cliff Carrol    
Coe?m? Denton No   English      
Cole No   USA Trenton    
Cole V No   USA      
Colonial No   USA ??? AIA  
Columbia No   USA Hay Budden   H. Channon Company Chicago Ill (1908)
Columbian No   USA      
Cranberry No   USA Trenton AIA  
Cray Brothers No   USA Trenton AIA  
Derby No   USA Trenton    
E. D. Kimball No   USA      
E. Griffiths No   English      
E.D. Kimball & Co. No   USA Hay Budden    
Emerson Yes   USA Emmerson    
Fisher No   USA      
Foken No   China      
Fontanini Anvil Yes   USA Fontanini Anvil    
Forged in Canada Yes   Canada Forged in Canada    
Frontstep Forge Yes   Canada Frontstep Forge    
Fulton No   USA      
Future 1 2 & 3 No   USA      
G. E. No   USA      
Gem No   USA      
Green No   English      
Gregg-Logan Sterling Hardware No   USA Hay Budden   Logan-Gregg was a hardware company out of Pittsburgh that ran from 1867-1962
H S I (Cliff Carrols) No   USA      
H. Boker No   Germany      
Hadfield and Sanderson No   English      
Hanchett No   USA      
Heny Wright No   English      
Hercules No   USA Hay Budden   Unknown Western hardware co
Hill No   English      
Hoffman Anvils [Jymm]  Yes   USA

Hoffman’s Forge

Holland Anvil Yes   USA Holland Anvil    
Holliday No   USA Hay Budden   Indianapolis Indiana HDW company
Hoover No   USA      
Hudson No   USA Hay Budden   Charles Williams Store N.Y.
Indian Chief No   USA Trenton    
Isaac Nash & Sons of Stourbridge No    English      
J H M Manufacturing Yes   USA Anvil Brand    
J. E. Pilcher No   USA      
J.E. Pilcher, Blackjack, St. Louis No   USA Hay Budden   Simmons Hardware Co, St. Louis, MO
James Case No   USA      
J.C. Onions No   UK     Merged with Alldays in 1899 
Jet No   Japan      
JHM No   USA      
Jim Linzy No   USA      
John ????so? No   English      
John Bullock No   English      
John Henry No   USA Hay Budden   Dubuque, Iowa HDW Co
Johnson Hardware No   USA      
Joseph Goldie No 1846 USA, NY      
Joseph Moston No   English      
Joshnson, Hardware No   USA Hay Budden    
K M & Company No   USA American Wrough Anvil Company AIA  
Kanca Yes   USA KANCA    
Keen Cutter No   USA Hay Budden    
Keen Kutter No   USA      
King Hardware No   USA Hay Budden    
Kirkstall Forge No   English      
Kohlswa No   Sweden      
L M F No   USA      
L O M A, Froming & Co. No   English      

(HB, Trenton)

No   USA Hay Budden, Trenton Montgomery Ward  
Lyon Blade & Anvil Yes   USA Lyon Blade & Anvil    
M. Reading No   English      
Macarco No   USA      
Mankel No   USA      
Mathewson Metals Yes   USA

Mathewson Metals

Milme No   Finland      
Mouse Hole No   English      
Multi Products Co. No   USA      
N. C. Tool Co. Yes   USA

NC Tool Company

Nelson, Big 4 No   USA   AIA  
Nimba Yes   USA Nimba    
North Star Brand No   Sweden      
Oak Leaf No   USA   AIA  
Oil Well Supply Co Pittsburg PA No   USA      
Omsteel No   USA      
Ovendale No   English      
Peddinghaus Ridgid Yes   Germany Peddinghaus Ridgid    
Perun Yes   Poland Perun    
Peter Wright No   English      


No   USA Trenton    
Polish No   Poland      
Powell No   English      
R & H; S.F. Our Best No   USA Hay Budden    
R A O L A No   USA      
Raola, H & I Co. No   USA Hay Budden    
Record No   English      
Red Barn No   USA      
Reffinghaus [Ernst]  Yes   Germany Ernst Refflinghaus    
Reliable No   USA Trenton    
Rev – O – noc No   USA      
Rexton No   English      
Rhino Yes   USA Seller – Morgan Jade Ironworks    
Richard Dorevol No   English      
Richard King No   English      
Roberts Anvil No   USA Trenton    
Rock Island No   USA      
Rockwood No   USA      
S I S C O No   Sweden      
S W I C O No   USA Hay Budden    
S.D. Kimbark No   USA Hay Budden    
Samson No   USA      
Samuel Newbould No   English      
Sanderson No   English      
Scott Anvils     USA Scott Collier   Scott Collier (dec. June 16th 2023)
Sherman No   English      
Skagit No   USA      
SLIGO No   USA Hay Budden    
Smith & O’Leary, Chicago No   USA      
Smiths No   English      
Snyder & Oaks No   USA      
Solderfors No   Sweden      
Southern Crescent No   USA      
Southern Steel & Supply Co. No   USA      
Standford – Sheffield No   English      
Star No   USA Fisher    
Steele [Alec]  Yes   USA

Manufacturer – ???

Sold by Alec Steel

Superior Steel No   USA      
Swan Anvil Yes   England Swan Products    
T.M. Blood No   English      
TFS Yes   USA Texas Farrier Supply    
Thomas No   USA      
Thomas Darwin No   English      
Thomas Hill No   English      
Tillotson & Co. No   English      
Trenton No   USA      
Triple S No   USA      
U.S. (S.D. Kimbark) No   USA Hay Budden    
Valley No   USA      
Valley Forge & Tool Yes   USA Anvil Brand    
Vanadium Steel No   USA      
Vaughans Yes   England Vaughans    
Vaughn / Brooks No   English      
Vevor Yes   China      
Village Forge No   USA Trenton    
Vulcan No   USA Trenton    
Vulcan Works No   English      
W. Cole, Dudley Wood No   English      
Ward No   English      
West No   USA      
Wilkinson No   English      
Wilkinson, Joseph No   English      
William Foster No   English      
William Parker, Pond Foge No   English      
Winston or Wilson No   English      
Wm Enders Oak Leaf No   USA     Sold by W. Enders Hardware co. Simmons Hardware
Yost No   USA