AP Tool Co



Produced in Conroe Texas by Donald Cates until the rights were sold in 2016 to Anvil Brand.

Branding includes: 

  • AP Tool Co
  • Little Ranger

History of AP Tool Co Anvils


Located at Produced at 3565 TX-336 Loop, Conroe, TX 77301

  • ??? 
    • Start date for the manufacturer of these anvils is unclear.
  • 2016 May 18thAmerican Farriers notes:
    • In addition, Anvil Brand earlier this year purchased the manufacturing rights to a number of products offered by Donnie Cates at AP Tools in Conroe, Texas. This included the rights to manufacture the line of rounding hammers, hardies, fire pots and other farrier tools. “The hardies will be the first tools from this line that we will produce and they should be coming out in a few weeks,” says Hoselton. “There’s also the Donnie Cates line of Little Ranger anvils that have not been produced in some time.”


Clear raised lettering on the side. Depending on the anvil model the text can have a number of variations but any of the following marks should help to identify this as an AP Tool Co anvil.

  • AP or AP Tool Co
  • Ranger or Little Ranger
  • Conroe

List of AP Tool Anvils

ID Date Weight (lbs) Notes Images
C1 ??? ?? Found on Chairish
AN1   65 Anvil found on Antiques Navigator sold for $405 on 5-30-2019
N/A   70 70lb anvil found on Facebook N/A
N/A ?? ?? Little Ranger branded found on Facebook N/A
WP1 ?? 100

Found on WorthPoint

Measures 26″ x 9″ x 8.5″ tall. The top surface is 3 1/4″ by 14″