Joseph Goldie Anvils



Joseph Goldie was an anvil and vice maker in New York city that produced anvils from around 1840 until 1849/1850.

These uncommon anvils are most easily distinguished by the the 133 Attorney St. stamped on the side. 

History of Joseph Goldie


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  • 1801/1802 – Birth of Joseph Goldie in England
  • 1840 Nov 3rd – Joseph Goldie becomes a naturalized citizen of the United States.
  • ~1840 Starts to manufacture anvils, leg vices, and probably hammers at 133 Attorney St. New York. He continues to manufacture anvils until sometime near his death in January 1850.  Joseph’s anvils and vices received recognition and rewards throughout the decade he was manufacturing anvils from several local competitions.  
  • 1844 October –  17th Annual Fair of the American Institute in October 1844 in the category of Steam Engines, Models, Machinery and Inventions
    • Starting in 1844 through 1849 Joseph Goldie participated multiple times in the Annual Fair held by the American Institute.  This Fair was held from 1829 until at least 1897 in New York City. The fair is sometimes considered the first World’s Fair though it had a small crowd of ~30,000 attendees per year.  During the time Joseph Goldie participated the fair was held at Niblo’s Garden.
    • Diploma for the best Blacksmith’s Vice.
    • Silver for Superior Anvils
  • 1845 October – 18th Annual Fair of the American Institute 
    • Silver Medal for excellent Iron vices 
    • Diploma for well finished miniature anvils and vices  Note the is listed as an award for what seems to be his son Joseph Goldie Jr.
  • 1847 September – 5th Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association at Faneuil and Quincy Halls – Boston
    • Diploma for 6 Vices – Good, serviceable articles and well made. As such, they will compare favorably with the best English Vices. 
  • 1848 October – 21st Annual Fair of the American Institute – Manufacturing & Mechanical Department 
    • Diploma for smiths’ anvils and common vices.
  • 1849 October – 22nd Annual Fair of the American Institute – 
    • Diploma for iron vices.
    • Note that the address changes from 133 Attorney-street to 192 Houston-street
  • 1850 – The American Advertiser 3rd Edition by Prall, Lewis & Co 1850 has the following advertisement. While it is unclear when this book was published it was likely after Goldie’s death.
  • 1850 Jan 31st – Death of Joseph Goldie in Manhattan, New York.  Buried in plot 3765 Green-Woody Cemetery Brooklyn NY on Feb 3rd.
    • Birth: England
    • Age: 48 years, 10 months, 17 days
    • Marital Status: Not Recorded
    • Late Residence 298 3d Ave, NY
    • Cause of Death: Of the Heart
  • 1850 Feb 2nd – Announcement of the death of Joseph Goldie at the age of 48 in the Brooklyn Evening Star.
  • 1851 – The American Advertiser 5th Edition also lists the same advertisement again.
  • 1851 Mar 14th – Announcement of the sale of equipment following the death of Joseph Goldie set for March 18th. 250 Anvils, 400 Vices, 600 Sledge and Hand Hammers in the New York Tribune.
    • J. D. Holbrook, Auctioneer
    • By J. D. Holbrook – Administrator’s Sale – J. D. Holbrook will sell on Tuesday, March 18, 1851, at 11 o’clock, A.M. on the premises of the late Joseph Goldie, deceased, 133 Attorney-st, occupied as a Vice and Anvil manufactory – All the sto
    • ck in trade belonging to the said Joseph Goldie: consisting of about 250 Anvils, 400 Vices, 600 Sledge and Hand Hammers, &c.
    • Sales positive. By Order of: Jane Goldie, Administratrix.
    • Catalogues two days previous to the sale, may be obtained at the Auction Room, 78 Broadway.
    • At Private Sale – An assortment of Iron Safes. m7 5teod*



There are few examples of these anvils to base identification standards on.

  • Stamped Goldie on the side
  • Has address stamped on anvil 133 Attorney St.  The 133 is frequently deeply stamped. 

List of Joseph Goldie Anvils

ID Date Notes Images
TE1 1845

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CS1 1846

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BW1 1847

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EW1 1850


EW2 ???


Ebay1 ???

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List of Joseph Goldie Vices

ID Date Notes Images
JN1 ???

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BW1 1847