1st Annual Craft Fair Day – June 15th 2024


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Pioneer Farms


The goal of the Pioneer Farms Craft Fair day is to provide an opportunity for groups that focus on historical events, crafts and skills to:

  1. Demonstrate historical skills
  2. Attract new members and raise awareness of groups focused on historical crafts & skills
  3. Educate the public about history
  4. Introduce groups to each other to spark new collaborations and build community.

Additionally we will offer space for vendors of historic crafts, supplies, and home made food.

There is not a specific time period that is represented and groups from ancient to ~1930s are welcome.





Site Map:

Key Contacts:

  • Organizer / Blacksmith: Philip Waters – 512-300-5198 –


Event/Demonstration Schedule:

  • Site:
    • 7AM – 9:30 AM – Site Gates Open & Demonstrator Vendor/ Volunteer Setup : 7AM-7PM
    • 9:30 AM All vehicles must be in the parking lot by 9:30 AM
      • Vehicles will be allowed back for pickup/breakdown at 5:10 PM 
    • 4:00 PM Last guest entry
    • 5:00 PM End of Event
    • 5:10 Vehicles allowed on property for pickup / breakdown
    • 7:45 PM Demonstrators / vendors / volunteer breakdown over
    • 8:00 PM Site gates close.
  • Blacksmithing at Blacksmith Shop
    • Balcones Forge Hammer In: All Day left side of forge
    • Free Experience Blacksmithing Classes: All Day right side of forge
    • Blacksmithing Demo: TBD 8am-10am
    • Blacksmithing Demo: TBD 11am-1pm
    • Blacksmithing Demo: TBD 2-4pm


As this is our first event crowd size is difficult to predict.

We will be preselling tickets and volumes of pre-purchased tickets will be shared with vendors and demonstrators.




Demonstrator, Crafts & Clubs Information:

Demonstrator Information

Demonstrators are not paid or have to pay a fee for the demonstrations.  Demonstrators will receive a free vendor space next to their demonstration area that they can use for sales.

Demonstrator Application

Demonstrator Application Form

Confirmed Demonstrators

  • Pioneer Farms & Balcones Forge – Blacksmithing
  • Central Texas Woodturners – Wood turning –

Demonstrators receive a free both space in addition to the area required for their demonstrations. 

Clubs and demonstrators my request free passes for their members as a thank you for demonstrating. 

Vendor Information:

All vendors must sell items that fit into one of the following categories:

  • Historical 1900s and earlier themed goods.
    • Preferred 1700s-1800s, old west, or pioneer themed goods
    • 1901-1940s will need approval.
  • Local handmade craft items
  • Entertainment / experience (like Axe Throwing, candle making, etc.) – Only one vendor of each type will be allowed.
  • Supplies for those who make craft items or reenactment 
  • Farmers Market type food stalls
  • Fire Arms and Live ammunition are not allowed.
  • Non-fire arm weapons are allowed with explicit approval.
Vendors application form:

Vendor Application Form

Vendor Fee:

After your application is accepted a $25 earnest fee will be charged to reserve a booth spot.
Once you are approved a link will be sent for the vendor fee.

Vendors booths:
  • Town Square – This uncovered space is perfect for vendors who have tents or larger displays they want to setup. Each booth spot is 10×10 for larger booths reserve multiple slots.
  • Wessels Dance Hall – Vendors can reserve a space for a table up to 8 feet long. 
  • Other Options – If you require other options please outline that in the vendor application form.

All booths are without electricity and generators are not allowed without prior approval.

Vendor Responsibilities
  • Setup of booth between 7AM & 9:45AM to be ready for guests at 10AM
  • Cleanup of booth area / no trash left behind
  • Tear down of booth between 5:10PM & 7:45PM.
  • Outdoor Vendors will need to bring their own Tent, Weights, Tables, Chairs Extra. 30 pound weights on each Tent Leg required. 
  • Indoor Vendors will need to bring their own table and chairs.
  • No power is supplied. Quiet generators for outside booths will be allowed with prior approval. 

Volunteer Information:

Volunteer application form:

Volunteer Application Form