Wrought Iron

By: Richard Hayman – Published 2000

Wrought Iron

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Philip’s Ranking: 1
Beginner Blacksmith: 0
Advanced Blacksmith: 0
Inspiration: 0
Historical: 1

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This is a very slim black and white book at only 32 pages in length.

  • Introduction: pg 3
  • Doors and chests: pg 5
  • Railings, screens and interior fittings: pg 11
  • Screens, grates and railings: the early eighteenth century: pg 15
  • Street furniture: pg 23
  • Gothic Revival to Post-Modern: pg 27
  • Places to visit: pg 30
  • Further reading: pg 32

The book reminds me the most of an extended encyclopedia article focused on a very brief introduction to wrought iron in the UK.  It is one of a number of Shire Books that follow the same format.  If you have a museum in the UK with a lot of wrought iron in it this would probably be a great book to stock in your giftshop.

It contains a number of photos of some beautiful ironwork which is nice and the associated text provides some very high level details about subject.

I don’t think it’s a book most blacksmiths will find very useful and at the price I can find it for online I would definitely recommend skipping it. If you can find it for $5 you’re probably getting an okay value for your money.