Iron Menagerie

By: Guild of Metalsmiths – Published 1991

Iron Menagerie

Price : Out of Print

Philip’s Ranking: 3
Beginner Blacksmith: 3
Advanced Blacksmith: 2
Inspiration: 3
Historical: 0

Video Review: N/A

Another short book at only 32 pages.  The book covers making the following animals:

  • Steer Head
  • Blue Crane Head
  • One Heat Duck Head
  • Wolf Head
  • Ram Head
  • Buffalo Head
  • Owl
  • Bear Head
  • Mouse Head
  • Realistic Duck Head
  • Horse Head
  • Horse Head on a Horseshoe
  • Eagle Head
  • Rattlesnake
  • Wizard Head

Each animal is given the needed materials and step by step instructions with a black and white picture and written guide for each step.  

Overall the animals look pretty good and even a beginning blacksmith should be able to make any of the projects presented without major difficulties. 

For more advanced blacksmiths if you’ve never dabbled in making animal heads this book will give you a good start and ideas that you can then use to make your own versions.

If you can find it somewhere for the $20-$30 range I’d recommend picking it up.  Unfortunately it seems to be out of print at this point so it may be tricky to find.