Adjustable Bolt Holder
Blacksmith & Wheelwright Jan 1896

Adjustable Bolt Holder

Source: Submitted to the January 1896 edition of the Blacksmith and Wheelwright by Frank Coddington of Oxford Ohio

From Frank Coddington, Oxford O. 

In the accompany illustration is shown an adjustable bolt holder, which can easily be made and which is adaptable for holding bolts in various places. It can be turned in any direction, as best suited to the work, can it can also be raised or lowered. I have used one like this for several years and have found it to be very useful, but I have never seen any other like it, although there are a great many bolt holders made. 


I haven’t created one of these yet so consider the materials, tools, and procedure to be educated guesses. 

Materials Needed:

  1. 26 inches (cut into 16, 8, & 2  inch lengths) of  1 x 1/4 flat bar.

Special Tools Needed: 

  1. Tapping Set (For cutting threads)


  1. TBD


This seems like a simple and fun project with a lot of similarities to trammel hooks.